What to Expect


Even if you’ve had other counseling experiences before, counseling can feel intimidating especially on the first visit. So the first session is usually a “get to know each other” process where you see if you and the counselor will work well together. There will be questions about your life, problems you are experiencing, and goals you want to achieve in the counseling process. The first session also offers you a chance to ask questions about the counselor’s methods, the counseling process, and expectations for arranging future counseling sessions.


You will be asked to provide your insurance information so it is important to present your insurance card on the first visit. Other helpful information to bring with you to the first session are the names of previous counselors and dates you met with them and a list of medications you are currently taking and dosages.


It is important to know that counseling is a working conversation between the counselor and the client that lasts throughout the counseling relationship. So you can continue to ask questions and evaluate the process that’s helping you to reach your goals.





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